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“Rainbow House has been such a help to my family over the years. During the time I have been in hospital it has been comforting to know that they are never far away, never out of pocket and always in a comfortable environment. It is especially nice to know that my little sister Chloe can come and stay too and has never had to be left behind. She absolutely loves Rainbow House! Living with a heart condition is sometimes quite worrying but I honestly feel that the support we have been given by The Sick Children’s Trust has made everything so much easier and I can’t thank them enough.”  Martin, 19, Rainbow House   
“When my older brother has to go to hospital, staying at Rainbow House is really helpful. It is just like a real home with all the comforts that you could imagine. We can go and see Martin everyday as it is just across the road and I honestly feel that this has made my mum and dad much happier.”  Martin's sister, Chloe, 15,
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