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The Big Chocolate Tea Party 2013
Date: April 2013
Location: Homes across the UK
Ten utterly proven and true chocolate facts!

1.In 1842 Cadbury's in England created the world's first chocolate bar.

2. Chocolate manufacturers use 20% of the world's peanuts and 40% of the world's almonds.

3. The first chocolate house was opened in London in 1657. Chocolate cost 10-15 shillings per pound and was considered a beverage for the elite class.

4. Eating just one chocolate chip will give an average adult the required energy to walk 150 feet.

5. Chocolate really is "The Food Of The Gods" - the cacao tree is a species of the genus theobroma, which translates into "food of the gods".

6.The biggest chocolate sculpture ever made was a 4,484 lb, 10 foot high Easter egg, constructed in Melbourne, Australia.

7. If all the Toblerones sold in one year were laid end to end, they would stretch for 62,000km equivalent to the circumference of the Earth.

8. In Holland, the feast of St. Nicholas or Santa Claus is celebrated on December 6th. The children put their clogs outside at night so Santa can fill them up with chocolate money.

9. The melting point of cocoa butter is just below human body temperature - this is why chocolate melts in your mouth.

10. More than 2,000 years ago, Mayan Indians in Mexico and Central America used ground cocoa beans to create a drink. Before consuming the beans, they used them as a form of currency. They only ground the beans when they were worn out. 

We have launched our Big Chocolate Tea Party with a star studded event with our media partner Woman's Own at The May Fair Hotel on 26 March. A big thank you to everyone who came along and supported us.

Tea + Chocolate = Fundraising...yes please! Let’s face it, raising money for The Sick Children’s Trust has never been easier, more delicious or such fun!!

Chocolate banquet or chocolate biscuit? Hosting a chocolate tea party during April 2013 is a fantastic way to raise money and support The Sick Children’s Trust. You don't need to hold a massive event – whether it’s a full blown chocolate tea party for family and friends, a cosy tea for two in your kitchen or a quick work break brew and biscuit – any money you raise will make a huge difference to families staying in our ‘Homes from Home’.

For chocolate tea party ideas, stories from fundraisers and families and to request a party pack please take a look at our Big Chocolate Tea Party website.

Thank you!
01 April 2013
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