Euro 2016 Sweepstake
Join in the European Championship spirit by taking part on our sweepstake fundraiser. It's a great way to add a bit of competitive spirit to the matches, while having fun and raising money for a special charity.

Just print off the Sweepstake before the European Championship starts on 10 June 2016, cut out all the team flags, fold them in half and place them inside an envelope or bowl, giving them a good shake.

Decide how much you want to charge for entry into the Sweepstake (we recommend a donation of £3 per entry). This is important as the charge for entry will determine how much you have available in your prize fund and how much you will donate to The Sick Children’s Trust.

Simply ask everyone to pull a country out of the envelope and their flag will be their Sweepstake country for the European Championship! You can make a note of who has drawn which team on the poster and pop it up on your wall as a reminder.

The person who draws the country that wins the tournament wins a £10 prize, with the rest donated to The Sick Children's Trust. Alternatively the prize for the winner could be a day off work and the runner-up prize could be half a day off work or you could source an alternative prize so all the money raised is given to The Sick Children’s Trust - it’s up to you!

Good luck!

Download your Sick Children's Trust Sweepstake kit here.
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