Activity ideas

Pyjama Party activity ideas

We're having a great time planning for the Pyjama Party here at The Sick Children's Trust and we wanted to share some of our favourite ideas with you.

Get creative

Design your dream house (using the template in the fundraising pack)
Create an artwork display and give a prize for the best picture!

Design your dream pyjamas
Send us the best designs and we’ll feature them on our social media.

Make thank you cards
The children can give these to people who have sponsored them.

A gift for a family 

Encourage the children to think about a gift they would give to a family staying in one of The Sick Children's Trust's 'Homes from Home' to make them feel better. For the older children, ask them to explain why they have chosen that gift. 

Bake sale
Ask families to make cakes for a bake sale and sell them at the end of the day.

Ask children to draw a picture of their family.

Get active

Building blocks
Split your class into two teams and see which group can build the biggest tower using building blocks.

Teddy bear picnic
Ask the children to bring their favourite teddy to nursery or playgroup and encourage them to eat lunch together.

Sleeping Lions
After a busy day of activities, why not play sleeping lions – whoever is quietest and remains still for the longest gets a prize.

Sports day
Host a 'pyjama race' or 'pyjama party bootcamp' in the school field. 

Singing and acting
Sing and act out nursery rhymes or lullabies

Get educational

Describe or draw a tasty meal
Come up with a meal which you think would help a sick child feel better when they are in hospital.

What does home mean to you?
Write a short paragraph on what 'home' means to you and share this with the class.

Maths exercise

In paris, create a list of everything you could buy with £30 - this is how much it costs The Sick Children's Trust to support a family for one night in a 'Home from Home.'

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