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“No nurse, doctor or professional is normally any substitute for a parent. A parent’s presence is often worth any amount of analgesia, play distraction, interpreters or therapy. Children’s deterioration is normally spotted first by a parent and their recovery vastly enhanced by their presence.”
John Reid, Director of Nursing and Clinical Operations, Sheffield Children’s NHS Trust

Our ‘Homes from Home’ are a place where families can take a step back from their situation and feel safe and relaxed in a welcoming and warm environment. Here they can gather their thoughts and face the day or night ahead without having to worry about the smaller things in life.

All our houses have private bedrooms so family members can get a good night’s sleep, and communal living and kitchen areas so that they can have some stability of normal family life; sharing a meal or watching a favourite DVD. Comfort is often gained from sharing concerns with other families in the house with similar worries. House staff are also on hand to offer both practical support and a shoulder to cry on and all of our houses are just minutes away from the paediatric wards.
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