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By taking part in the Pyjama Party you'll help The Sick Children's Trust support around 4,000 families with critically ill children. Here are some of the families we have supported in our 'Homes from Home'.

Meet Jessie 

Jessie was very poorly when she was born as she only had one lung and a narrowed trachea. Jessie’s family stayed with us at Acorn House in Cambridge for two months when she was being treated. One year later, Jessie needed an operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Once again, her family stayed with us at our Rainbow House. 

Jessie’s Mum, Karen says:
“Having a ‘Home from Home’ gave Jessie a chance to get out of the ward, and play with toys in a normal home environment. The Sick Children’s Trust is a real support and comfort.”

Meet Oliver 
Oliver was born with a hole in his heart and at just three months old he was transferred to the Freeman Hospital’s Children’s Heart Unit where he was in intensive care for three days. Oliver's Mum, Dad and two sisters stayed with us at Scott House whilst he was having treatment. Mum Jackie was able to give him his first feed because she was just two minutes from his bed side.

Oliver’s Mum, Jackie says: "I remember the nurse calling me to say that Oliver was ready for his first feed from a bottle and asked if I would like to do it. I was there within minutes and that meant a lot.The Sick Children’s Trust enabled me to share this special moment with my son. If I had been at home, I wouldn’t have been able to get to the hospital in time."

Meet Isobella 

Just after turning one, Isobella was rushed to hospital after becoming seriously ill at home. There, she tested positive for bacterial meningitis. She required specialist treatment at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and we supported her family at Acorn House. 

Isobella's Mum, Jenny says: “It was the darkest time, and they offered us a helping hand by making sure we were able to stay there, by our daughter’s bedside. They relieved our stress, gave us comfort and most importantly kept our family together when it mattered most.”

Meet Thomas 

Thomas was born with a rare heart condition which meant he needed a heart transplant at Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. We supported his family at Scott House and Thomas’ sister Daisy even moved schools so she could be with her brother. 

Thomas' Dad, Dave says: "Having Daisy with us makes a world of difference to Thomas. Daisy brings a huge smile to his face when she visits - he looks for her and once he sees her, he beams.”

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