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We are delighted that California Prunes and Valrhona chocolate are sponsoring The Big Chocolate Tea Party helping us to make this year's campaign the biggest chocolate tea party ever!

We'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to both our sponsors, whose support means so much to us. 

Campaign Sponsor
Campaign Sponsor
California Prunes
Campaign Sponsor
The California Prune Board represents 900 prune growers and 25 prune packers. California is the largest producer of prunes in the world, which are known to be the best quality due to the regions’ rigorous harvesting techniques and quality control assessments. The premium produce is supplied to 70 countries worldwide and the region contributes 60% of the world’s prune supplies and 99% of the United States’ prune supplies. The California Prune Board EU Office (based in the UK), is responsible for the market development, advertising, public relations, sales promotion, education initiatives, market research and nutrition research and has been working in the UK and Europe for the past 25 years, raising the profile of California Prunes as a healthy and nutritious commodity product.
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