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Meet Our Families
The Pleasant Family
Our son, Roman was born 24 weeks and four days prematurely on the 19th February weighing a tiny one pound and twelve ounces. My partner, Nick and I were in complete shock, Roman is our first child and his early arrival was so unexpected. We were told that the care Roman needed wasn’t available in Southend Hospital where ...
The Woods Family
On the 9 December we took our little boy Lawson, who was just three weeks old, to the doctors with a swollen tummy. Immediately, the doctor knew something wasn’t right and referred us to our local hospital the same day, where we were admitted. Over the course of the next five days different tests were performed to try ...
The Martin Family
My partner, Alex and I have stayed in two of The Sick Children’s Trust’s ‘Homes from Home;’ Magnolia House and Treetop House. Our daughter, Isabelle was born on 21 July weighing six pounds and ten ounces and needed specialist treatment in Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Isabelle was born with a blockage in her bowel and when she was less ...
The Barnard Family
Our son, Jacob, was born weighing a healthy seven pounds, six ounces but very quickly after his birth it became apparent that he was struggling to breathe and his condition rapidly deteriorated. He was immediately taken into intensive care at our local hospital, Colchester General and we were told that he would need to be transferred to Addenbrooke’s ...
The Bareham Family
I’d had a normal pregnancy and given birth to a healthy, strapping 9lb 2oz baby which we named Thor. His older brother Roman was thrilled to have another boy in the house to play with and couldn’t wait to meet him! We wrapped him up warm and took him home during a cold and wet autumn. It was ...
The Begum Family
On the 2 December 2013 my little boy, Atif, was born at just 26 weeks at Leeds General Infirmary. My partner, Mamun and I were in complete shock and felt so unprepared. Atif was born weighing a tiny one pound and nine ounces. As he was born early he hadn’t had enough time to grow and build his ...
The Hall family
When George was born we were given the horrendous news that he was in heart failure and would probably not survive. We asked for a second opinion and so we were sent to the Freeman Hospital, nearly 100 miles away from our home in Skipton. Surgeons at the Freeman Hospital decided to operate on George, and so our ...
The Rice Family
The Sick Children’s Trust’s Rainbow House or ’Sandra’s House’ as my son, Lucas so fondly calls it is a fantastic facility that unfortunately we only became aware of when our new-born son, Owen was critically ill in hospital. Owen was born on 21 February at our local William Harvey Hospital weighing a healthy ten pounds and three ounces. ...
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