School fundraising

School fundraising

We have all year round ideas to make supporting The Sick Children's Trust a fun experience for your school

Your school can help us support sick children and their families, while providing your students with an opportunity to learn new skills in a fun and inspiring way. These include:

  • Learning to lead
  • Being positive role models
  • Inspiring younger students
  • Learning to plan
  • Gaining confidence and approaching new experiences with a ‘can-do’ attitude

How your school can get involved 

Have a Pyjama Party

Have a Pyjama Party

How does the Pyjama Party work?

  • Teachers and children get dressed in your favourite pyjamas or onesie for the day and raise vital funds for The Sick Children’s Trust
  • Choose a date – a Pyjama Party can happen on any date

Promote your Party – download an editable poster to display or send in your electronic newsletters informing parents/carers of the date

Party Poster

Fill in the form below to let us know you are having a Pyjama Party and we will be in touch to support you and provide you with a list of activities to make a day of it

How do we fundraise?

Ask the children to get sponsored by family, friends and neighbours, by raising £40 you are helping a family to stay in one of our ‘Homes from Home’ for one night, giving them one less thing to worry about.

Use our sponsorship forms– download sponsorship forms so the children can take them home. Once your Pyjama Party is over, collect forms and funds raised and send them back to us.

Sponsorship form

Set up a JustGiving page – with your school or nursery’s name and link it to our main campaign page here and share the link on your poster, on your newsletters and ask parents and carers to share with their networks.


Bring in a £1 donation on the day to take part- ask children and teachers to bring in this small donation to take part

In return you will get:

  • A certificate for the class to proudly display your efforts and fundraising
  • Stickers for all the children
  • T-shirt for the lead teacher

How do we pay in funds raised?

Visit ways to pay in

Thank you!

Tell us about your Pyjama Party

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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Take part in a big chocolate tea

Take part in a big chocolate tea

Why not challenge your students, staff and parents to a bake off, with the winner receiving a prize for their hard work



Request more information about Big Chocolate Tea
Organise a sponsored readathon

Organise a sponsored readathon

In pairs, students can choose a book for each other, whoever is able to finish the book first can report back on what the book is about.

We would love to visit you in your school

We can talk to you about the ways we can work together and the difference your support will make to sick children and their families.

Contact us now

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