Donating gifts

Donating gifts

Find all the information that you need about giving gifts to our 'Homes from Home'.

Gifts are gratefully accepted by all of our ‘Homes from Home’, however there are a few restrictions on what we can and can’t receive. Please read through our frequently asked questions below to make sure that we are able to accept your gift.

What gifts can I give to a ‘Home from Home’?

Our ‘Homes from Home’ will gladly accept the following:

  • Boxes of chocolates and biscuits, but they must be individually wrapped/boxed for health and safety reasons
  • Books, including colouring books
  • Colouring pens
  • DVDs
  • Board games (no missing pieces please!)
  • Toothbrushes
  • Stockings filled with scarfs, gloves and socks that can be given to parents and carers
  • Tea, coffee and sugar


What gifts are not suitable to give to a ‘Home from Home’?

Our ‘Homes from Home’ will not be able to accept the following:

  • Second hand items
  • Toys which have small parts
  • Soft toys
  • Electrical items
  • Large mechanical or motorised toys
  • Gift wrapped items
  • Alcohol
  • Candles
  • Perishable items, such as cheese and mince pies

Is there a limit on how many gifts I can give to a ‘Home from Home’?

Typically each house can accept no more than 10 items from a single person of certain items. However, if you would like to donate more than 10 items, please get in touch with the relevant House Manager.

Will The Sick Children’s Trust cover the cost of delivery of gifts?

Unfortunately we are unable to pay for the costs of collecting gifts or delivering them to our ‘Homes from Home’.

Where should I address my gifts to?

Please make sure that all gifts are addressed to the ‘Home from Home’ that they are intended for as we will not be able to distribute items from our Head Office. All of the addresses and contact details of our ‘Homes from Home’ can be found here.

Please contact the House Manager to arrange a convenient date and time for delivery of gifts.

Are toys and games given out to children on the wards?

Any donations of toys and games will be kept in our ‘Homes from Home’ for families to use when they stay with us. Hospital wards have strict restrictions on what gifts can be given to patients for health and safety reasons, so we do not distribute toys and games on the wards ourselves.

Are there other ways to support a ‘Home from Home’ at Christmas?

Yes, if you do not have any suitable gifts to donate to our ‘Homes from Home’ but would still like to support us during the Christmas period, please make a donation to our Christmas Appeal. £30 will cover a family for one night’s stay during the festive period and give a family with a sick child in hospital the Gift of Togetherness.


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