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Ideas for school
Delicious Big Chocolate Tea ideas for schools
There are plenty of fun ways you can host a Big Chocolate Tea event at school! We've written some of our favourite ideas below but if you’re still stuck, please email

After school chocolate tea
Host an after school tea party - ask parents to donate a baked item and ask pupils for a donation to attend.

Chocolate bake-off
Hold a chocolate cake competition and ask the Head Teacher to judge it in assembly. You can then hold a cake sale at break or lunchtime so everyone has a chance to try the cakes.

Chocolate-tea recipes
Hold a chocolate recipe competition within a class or year group. The best recipe wins a prize!

Afternoon tea dance
Invite the children’s parents/grandparents to a tea dance. Combine subjects by making chocolate treats from around the world, invite parents/grandparent to talk about their childhood memories for a unique take on history and provide music from your school band, orchestra or choir. Tea and Chocolate can make learning really fun!

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