Phone Amnesty

Phone Amnesty

1 July 2024

Ignore your phone for 40 hours and raise money for families in need

Can you ignore your phone for 40 hours to support families with a sick child in hospital? 

It costs us £40 a night to support a family in one of our ‘Homes from Home’. We all rely on our mobile phones, but could you give yours up for 40 hours and raise £40 to help families with a sick child in hospital?  

Whether you have a competition with your friends at school or university or you and your family stop using your phone’s for a weekend you’ll be helping families when they need it.

How All Saints Voluntary Catholic Academy completed their challenge

“My form took on the phone amnesty challenge to raise money for The Sick Children’s Trust. We wanted a fun challenge that would help the students appreciate what they have compared to those less fortunate. We started the challenge with the slogan “look up and stop missing amazing moments”, whether that be time with their families or experiences they went to.

My form liked the idea of doing the challenge as a competition, so we made the challenge bigger and got the whole year group involved. We sent a letter explaining the challenge to their parents, along with a sponsorship form, and decided it would have most impact if the challenge took place over the weekend. That way, the students had the opportunity to spend quality time with their families.

In the letter we also explained some simple instructions for them to follow. Students were asked to hand over their mobile phone to to their parents on Friday evening, to be returned on Sunday.

After the amnesty weekend it was lovely to talk to students and share their experiences about their weekend, many felt it was successful in helping them spend more quality time with their loved ones, and it had helped them to realise that they had been over-relying on their mobile phones.”

– Marie, Form Teacher


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