Walk In The Shoes Of Our Families

Walk In The Shoes Of Our Families

1 November 2020

Take part in our walking (and running!) challenge on any day of the year to help us keep families together when their seriously ill child is in hospital.

Our families travel miles from their homes to ours when their children are in hospital and far away from home. We challenge you to walk the distance between two of our houses to raise money to give them a warm and comfortable place to stay when they need it most.

To take part simply:
  • Decide which distance you want to walk, run or climb from the list below
  • Set up an online fundraising page with your name and ‘Walk In Their Shoes’ e.g. ‘John’s Walk In Their Shoes Challenge for The Sick Children’s Trust’
  • Share your challenge with your friends, family and colleagues through your social media accounts
  • Or you can simply pay in your sponsorship here using the reference ‘Walk In The Shoes Of Our Families’
  • Don’t forget to celebrate your success! Share your completed challenge with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Distances between our ‘Homes from Home’:
  • London circuit – Guilford Street House, to Stevenson House, to Rainbow House: 6.7miles
  • London to Cambridge circuit – Guilford Street House to Acorn House: 55.4 miles
  • Cambridge to Sheffield – Chestnut House to Magnolia House: 136 miles
  • Sheffield to Leeds – Treetop House to Eckersley House: 37.2 miles
  • Leeds to Newcastle – Eckersley House to Crawford House: 98.5 miles
  • Newcastle circuit – Crawford House to Scott House to Crawford House: 6 miles
Here are a few ideas of how you can take part:

Run – with your family

A great way to get the whole family active and donning their running shoes. Choose your distance and go for a run in your local park or garden. Get the neighbours to sound a horn at the start of your run and ask them to cheer you on when you return. Be snap happy and upload to your fundraising page and ask friends and family from afar to donate to show their support.

Walk – with colleagues

Add a little competition amongst departments in your workplace and see who can reach the chosen distance first. Set up separate online fundraising pages for each department e.g. ‘Team A: Walk In Their Shoes Challenge’, ‘Team B: Walk In Their Shoes Challenge’. Set a start date and time and designate a member of staff to record the finish times. Arrange to meet virtually and announce the winners. Who will be victorious?

Ask all participants to make a suggested donation of £10 on their respective online fundraising page and be our champions too.

Don’t forget to ask your company if they can match fund.

Climb – on your own

Choose one of the distances above and work out on your stairs at home how many times you would have to go up and down to reach the summit. You could ask for a suggested donation of £5 to your online fundraising page from your friends and family. Why not film yourself taking on the challenge so they can see your amazing efforts?

Benefits to you

Not only will you be supporting us, but there are lots of benefits in keeping active, this is what the NHS say about exercise:

For your body: It can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as heart diseasestroketype 2 diabetes and cancer by up to 50% and lower your risk of early death by up to 30%.

For your mind: Research shows that physical activity can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reducing your risk of stressdepressiondementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Get in touch

We would be delighted to support you with your fundraising or with any questions you may have, please get in touch with us at fundraising@sickchildrenstrust.org.

For corporate groups taking part, please contact corporate@sickchildrenstrust.org

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It costs The Sick Children’s Trust £40 to support a family for one night. £40 gives a family so much more than just a roof over their heads when their child is in hospital. £40 gives them someone to talk to, and a calm place to rest with their family.

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