£30 can keep a family together by their sick child’s hospital bedside this Christmas

We have launched our 'Together this Christmas' appeal, here Chief Executive Jane Featherstone tells you why we need your help

After a year of being separated from our loved ones, grandparents, brothers, sisters and friends, Christmastime is when we want to be together. All families with seriously ill children in hospital want is to be together. The reality is they might not be at home for Christmas. They might be in a hospital far away from home.   

We have launched our ‘Together this Christmas’ appeal asking the public to consider donating £30 to give a family a place to stay at Christmas. Jane Featherstone, Chief Executive at The Sick Children’s Trust, said:  

“This year, more than ever, we are grateful for the times we can be together with loved ones. Around this time of year, when the nights draw in and the air becomes crisp many of us start to look forward to Christmas and spending it with our family. 

“No one knows what Christmas will look like this year. It could look very different for every family across the country, but I know that for many families who have a seriously ill child in hospital that they might not be at home for Christmas. 

“Every year at The Sick Children’s Trust keeps families with children in hospital together, especially at Christmas. This year is different but you can help keep a family together by donating £30. 

“What is Christmas for you? Perhaps it’s watching the children carefully pen their letter to Santa before putting out a carrot or two for Rudolph, or Christmas morning when you gather on the bed to open stockings together as a family. Christmas looks different for families with a seriously ill child in hospital, but your donation can still make sure they have the most important thing, each other. You will give them a ‘Home from Home’ where they can rest nearby, safe in the knowledge they will see their child on Christmas morning and will create magical memories rather than spend an agonising day away from their little one. 

“Christmas is better together, and while we don’t know how many people we might be able to spend that special day with, I know that unless we are there giving families with a seriously ill child in hospital a place to stay, there is a real possibility that they won’t be together this Christmas. 

“Tuesday 1 December is Giving Tuesday – a day you can make a difference. With your help, we can keep families together by their child’s hospital bedside. Together this Christmas is where we want families to be. Together, we can make that happen.” 

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It costs The Sick Children’s Trust £40 to support a family for one night. £40 gives a family so much more than just a roof over their heads when their child is in hospital. £40 gives them someone to talk to, and a calm place to rest with their family.

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