Meet Marianne who volunteers at our Cambridge ‘Homes from Home’

Meet Marianne who volunteers at our Cambridge ‘Homes from Home’

Marianne heard about us when her work place, LV=, selected us as their chosen charity. She now volunteers at our Cambridge ‘Homes from Home’ on her days off. We talk to her as part of #VolunteersWeek

We are extremely lucky as a charity to receive support from companies and organisations close to our ‘Homes from Home’. As well as raising thousands of pounds for us to help keep families together, many employees spend time in our houses baking, cooking and decorating. For some, like Marianne, they continue to regularly volunteer in our with us. 

We caught up with Marianne to find out more about her volunteering at our Cambridge ‘Homes from Home’ Acorn and Chestnut Houses.

Why did you start volunteering for The Sick Children’s Trust? 

I was on the Charity Committee at work, LV=, and they needed a project lead. I live close to Cambridge and really wanted to get involved. I have never looked back

What is the best thing about volunteering at Acorn and Chestnut Houses? 

Spending time with Abi, the House Manager and the Team and meeting some of the families.  I have been to the last three family days and three of the Big Chocolate Tea parties. Our company has also been in three times to cook dinners for the families. I often pop in on my day off and chat with Abi, or whip up a quick batch of cakes/cookies. There is something so humbling to be able to cook meals for the families, and we have had some amazing feedback from them. Coming into the house and knowing the can just grab something we have made makes their day a bit easier.

Are there any particular benefits you gain from volunteering with us? 

For me, it’s just being able to help families going through tough times. Knowing the little bit I do can make such a difference. Meeting families every year at the chocolate tea party or the family day just show how important what Abi and the girls do. It’s very humbling to be part of such an amazing charity.

What would you say to encourage someone to volunteer for The Sick Children’s Trust? 

If you can, give it a go, it will change your life for the better.

If you could pick a ‘best moment’ from your involvement with the charity, what would it be? 

Oh there are so many, but I think it was the first family day when I actually got to meet Abi and the gang, they made me feel so very welcome right from the start. Also meeting some of the families and seeing how much they were helped by Acorn and Chestnut Houses. I was hooked from that moment and wanted to help out as much as I could. I was also very happy to have been asked to do a recipe for the Big Chocolate Tea party for a vegan cake. My vegan fudge cake went down very well.

Thank you Marianne, from all of us at The Sick Children’s Trust, for your incredible support.

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