Runners’ embark on 12 hour relay to raise money to keep families together

Andrew Young will be leading a team on a 12 hour running relay challenge on Saturday 22 August to raise money for our Newcastle 'Homes from Home'

A team of running enthusiasts will be taking on a 12 hour relay by doing a house-to-house three mile loop to raise money for our Newcastle ‘Homes from Home’.

The team of six, led by Andrew Young, from Seaham, will run the distance between Scott and Crawford Houses on repeat for 12 hours in a bid to raise over £500 on Saturday 22 August.

Having worked with a number of families that have been given a place to stay at Scott and Crawford Houses, Andrew, who works for Newcastle’s Welfare Rights Services, has seen first-hand the difference they make to families with poorly children in hospital. He said:

“A couple of years ago I stepped in for a colleague on a Children with Disabilities project which is when I first came across The Sick Children’s Trust’s work. I had never heard of the charity before or seen what it did for families, but from the second I walked into Scott House I really understood why it was so important. The families I meet are so appreciative for having a place to stay, it gives them security while they are going through something really difficult. It’s not just the ‘Homes from Home’s themselves but also the staff who are there to support the families in whatever way they can while their child is in hospital.

“Me and my friends were planning to do the Endure24 running challenge in July however that’s been cancelled. Despite this, I really wanted to do something for The Sick Children’s Trust especially as I have seen exactly who will benefit from anything we raise.

“On the day, each runner will cover more than a marathon distance by running three mile loop around the garden, which is the distance between Scott and Crawford Houses. Over the years I’ve had an on and off relationship with running, but because I really care about The Sick Children’s Trust and what the charity does I’ll be more determined than ever to see this challenge through!”

Good luck!

To support Andrew and his teammates, visit:

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