The Long Run Home

The Long Run Home

1 June 2024

Run 100 miles in the month of June

If you enjoy the freedom of running, we would love for you to don your running shoes for us and take part in our Home to Home challenge and run 100 miles this June.

How can I complete this challenge?

There are many ways for you to complete this challenge, remember it’s your challenge your way.

Here are some ideas:

  • Run three miles everyday in the month of June in your local park or garden, ask friends and family to join you
  • Join a running club in your local area, a great way to make running a social event and get your miles in
  • If you like to run solo and want to run 100 miles this way, get your headphones on and listen to your favourite music or that podcast you have been meaning to listen to

Swap your sport!

If you're already a runner and want to challenge yourself even more, why not swap your sport and try one of the other options

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