The Long Swim Home

The Long Swim Home

1 June 2024

Swim 25 miles in the month of June

Immerse yourself in your local gym pool, lido or beach and spend the month of June getting those laps in for The Sick Children’s Trust.

How can I complete this challenge?

There are many ways for you to complete this challenge, remember it’s your challenge your way.

Here are some ideas:

  • Have you been meaning to join a gym? What a great excuse to do it and use their pool to get your mileage in
  • Summer holiday in June? You could get the miles in on holiday while having a great time away
  • Swimming alfresco anyone? Visit your local lido this June and enjoying getting those laps in while the suns out

Swap your sport!

If you're already a swimmer and want to challenge yourself even more, why not swap your sport and try one of the other options

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